Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard – All You Need For Your Tablet

Microsoft Wedge MobileAs we have seen the time of the hybrids is coming. All of the major manufacturers have seen that the tablet itself is not that comfortable to work on so they are joining the hybrid race. Windows 8 is coming this way and it is expected in the fall. For this the manufacturers are making new tablets and hybrids. For the regular tablets there are a lot of solutions that will make them more comfortable and Microsoft is joining this game.

They introduced on the market a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that comes together with the smallest mouse and a casing that can be used as a stand for the tablet itself- this keyboard will be usable with all the windows tablets.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard resembles Zaggmate iPad case produced in 2010 and it is made in the way that it is travel-resilient. The case itself is made out of flexible rubber giving it the ability to be used also as a stand. When you put it over the keyboard turns off the keyboard, conserving battery power. On the keyboard you can find some specific hotkeys made especially for Windows 8, such as the famous Charms Bar. As its name suggest the keyboard has a wedge look, rising at its back. The keyboard works on 2 AAA batteries that are placed in the wide wedge part. The keyboard works also with Win 7, 8 and Win RT and even Mac OS is supported but it doesn’t work with Vista.

The Wedge Touch Mouse is tiny, has a soft touch surface and it also works via Bluetooth. It supports Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology that enables it to work on many different surfaces. It works with a single AA battery and also powers down when the device that is pared with is shut down.

This combo will come out soon with a retail price of the keyboard of $79.95 and for the tiny mouse you will need to separate $69.95 from your budget.