LoveGov: Simplified Politics

LovGovLoveGov is composed of no- nonsense realists who want to fix politics. What they did to fix it is that they simplified and made the experience engaging and even a little fun. The site gives you information on relevant issues, keeps you updated with current legislation you care about, and connects you with representatives.

At LoveGov, you can do the following: First you can have the Question and Answer wherein you will be asked to define your political beliefs by answering questions about political issues. Then you will be match to see where you stand politically in your social world. You can compare yourself with presidential candidates, congress, and your friends. And finally, you can make discussions, whether it’s a petition, debate, or a news update.

The goal of LoveGov is to make a straightforward approach for people to learn Politics. This would include basic American Civics, likely some history, an encyclopedia/wiki for legislation where bills are summarized in a better manner then they currently are by the Congressional Research Service and possibly some philosophy if we can make it less dense then most philosophy material tends to be. The basic premise of the site is to guide the user towards the path of American Political System literacy.

The internet is full of different learning resources about Politics, or any subject area for that matter. So basically they can educate themselves on American Politics. But why not make everything easier and implement these sources and roll them all together in one useful site? While providing a direct link to other websites is an easy way to go about this, it would be better if we allow the user to stay on our site because LoveGov is simply a better designed and user friendly that can do a better job at presenting information.