Label 59: Cool DIY Demos for Your Products

Label 59Nowadays, many companies are realizing that an easy, and well- defined way to bring forward their products is through an embedded demo right on their landing page.  It is safe to say that having demo  will spread like a wildfire on different companies in the years to come.

A startup called Label 59 helps simplify the product promotion and demo presentations generation. With this cool app, you can easily load up images from your computer for each slide and use the site tools to insert different types of markers, arrows, connectors, and text boxes. You can reposition and resize everything. Once you’re done creating your presentation, you can publish it online or get its embeddable code. Not only that, you can also download it as a ZIP archive. You can make use of Label 59 using the free account with a 1 slide per demo restriction. However, you can buy credits from the app to have more slides.

Here are the features of Label 59:

  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create presentations online.
  • Focuses on product demo and promotion presentations.
  • Generates emebeddable link for presentations.
  • Similar tools: Presentista and ReelApp.

Label 59 is very user- friendly, interactive, cost effective. It will surely help you make your customers understand your product’s main feature by taking it to a whole new level. With Label 59, even if you don’t have the technical knowledge of making product demos, you still can create good DIY videos. It is counting on just that and they want to help you create demos for your product, without breaking the bank. Brothers Shantanu Hans and Vaibhav Hans are the force behind Label 59, launched in July 2012 from their parent company Seigospace.