HTC Desire C – ICS for Everyone

HTC Desire CAfter few months of sleep and a lot of similar uninventive Gingerbread gadgets, HTC made a bum with their new series of One phones, returning to the right path. But, this series doesn’t respond to the vast majority of users because it is not aimed at the shallow pocket regular users. That’s why the Taiwanese giant decided to recycle their Desire  phone and in it to put the necessary hardware that will be enough for some one that doesn’t want or doesn’t have the money to buy a more expensive model.

Desire C has a tough task, to put Wildfire S in a well-deserved retirement. This new representative from the HTC family looks a lot like a shrinked-down version of One S, but from it except for the smaller screen (3.5 inch) it defers also because of the color of the back lid, which can be black, white or red. The final work on the phone is top notch. Desire C seems a bit robust and compact in the hand, which makes it seem more like a high-end device than a low-end.

In the hardware department it is not spectacular, but it is enough for the basic functions like, undemanding surfing, multimedia, reading PDF’s and playing some games. The processor is a Snapdragon working on 600 MHz, and it has 512MB working memory. The user has about 4GB of memory for putting their files in. Before we had a lot of complaints about the screens of the low budget phones but this one is an exception. It has 165 pixels per inch (resolution of 320×480), it has a good contrast, solid colors ,great viewing angles and a great response. It has a back camera of 5MPx that makes solid pictures in day light, and not so good in the night what’s to be expected.

The battery is a 1230mAh that can last a day and a half in a normal day usage.

All in all this is a great low budget phone made by HTC.