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LG Optimus L5 E610- Mixed Meat

LG Optimus L5 E610Except with a mass production, the Korean manufacturers can also brag with their extremely good strategy for sales of their products. There is practically no user that cannot find some of Samsung’s or LG’s Android phone that isn’t made just for them.

LG Optimus L5 is one of those models that are made for every ones taste or pocket. It is practical, with a great quality and it is cheap and it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes with a wide screen that will provide relaxed typing, while packing a great camera and a bit of a confusing user interface. Continue reading

Linkcious: Related Links for Blogs

LinkciousIt is truly a difficult task to recommend the most relevant related links or products for e- commerce sites automatically on larger sites. The existing methods that are used now like tags or categories are not exactly very neat. One reason for this is that the current methods do not even rotate the ads in a meaningful way.

However, a startup called Linkcious will make everything a lot easier for you to show related links contextually on your web pages. The links are selected accordingly based on keywords relevance. Continue reading

Samsung BD-E8500ZF – The Centre Of Attention

Samsung BD-E8500ZFIn the chase of introducing a universal player a station that will unite all the multimedia aspects of a multimedia station and will eliminate the need of a computer placed in the living room, Samsung has introduced one of their solutions. It is an all in one station that looks like a normal Blu-ray station, but it is much more than that.

Starting from the beginning its look is minimalistic with no physical buttons to ruin the front side, which makes it blend into the environment. All the functions are placed on a touch sensitive screen incorporated in the front mask, also providing the option to play something without turning on the TV. Continue reading

Humuch: Compare Prices across the Globe

HumuchComparing prices from around the world just got easier with the help of Humuch, a global price comparison website. With this site, you can easily find, share, and compare prices from all over the world. Consumers from different part of the globe can share products and prices. Then, the information is normalized for foreign exchange rates, units of measures, ad taxes for easy viewing comparison.

The wesbsite is “Web 3.0” and has a platform that promotes price transparency. Continue reading

Xerox Phaser 3010 – Laser Printer Killer

Xerox Phaser 3010The American printer company Xerox has been on the market for a long time now providing numerous printing solutions that are ranging from home offices to big professional printing offices. One of their lines of offers is called Phaser and now it has something special that will be a promising revolution of the laser printers. The basis of this model is the LE Diodes instead of laser.

The LED technology is taking its swing these past few years in all the consumer electronics sectors so it was time to make its path to the printer world. Continue reading

WhiteSource: Manage your OSS lifecycle Easily

WhiteSourceWhiteSource is a free, cloud- based platform for managing your OSS lifecycle. Compared to a spreadsheet, it is much more reliable since it’s easy and convenient. With this platform, you are able to drag and drop your libraries, or import them from POM file or spreadsheet, and you have an OSS repository. Then, you can automate the approval process with WhiteSource, retrieve license information, as well as assess the legal and technical risk of each OSS library to your organization. Continue reading

Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia UThe characteristics by which Xperia U differs from the rest of the Xperia models are the see through line that is just above its base, through which a specific colored light illuminates according to the content that showed on the screen, i.e. the dominant shade. If that is not cheerful enough for you, you can take of the plastic cover of the base and change it with another color cover. Last the battery cover can also be easily changed in a different color variant, with which the color combinations are exponentially expanded. Curios teenagers will probably flip out at this notion and the more conservative users can introduce a bit of color into their everyday life.  Continue reading

Wantering: Your People- Powered Shopping

WanteringFurthering our creative endeavors is one of the many things that technology helped us.  It has made great leaps and bounds in letting a collective outpouring of preferences and tastes. But up until now, it has always relied straight on our specific statements of partiality. And with all of the information we share on a daily basis, technology is now beginning to invest in our future taste, which is to use advanced computations to present us with what we want before we want it.

A startup called Wantering does exactly that. This site turns the expertise and energy found in blogs and fashion social networks into an easy-to-browse digest of the most interesting products on the web. Continue reading

NVidia 6xx – One Step Forward Three Steps Back

NVidia 6xx Half a year has passed and we can conclude that NVidia has introduced only one new processor. May be it is one, but it is the GK104. This is pretty bad, especially for a company that is striving to keep the leadership position on the market. As the second part of the year has come to pass, we got another processor based on the architecture Kepler, but this one is made for the lower end of the market and it is named GK107. When we say the lower end, we think about the most interesting part of the market, where the graphic card has a price of about 100 Euro. Continue reading

Poachee: Job Portal for Passive Job Seekers

PoacheeMost people hate a thing or two about their job. Some just hate it completely. That is not good for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is really tough to drag yourself to work every day when you hate it. Secondly, it is it really isn’t good to broadcast the fact that you hate your job all over the Internet

A startup called Poachee allows anyone to anonymously express their desire for a change in their career. It acts as an agent between recruiters or headhunters and suitable candidates that are currently employed elsewhere. Continue reading