PlayHaven: Promote & Monetize Your Mobile Games



PlayHaven is a service that provides you with rewards, promotional giveways, engagement incentives and more.

Through PlayHaven, you can capture valuable user information and re-engage players outside your game. You can also maximize the lifetime value of your games in real-time through PlayHaven’s powerful dashboard.

It also provides you internal cross-promotion. You can drive free installs by cross-promoting your other games through a fully-customizable, in-game overly. You can use your own creativity, copy and optimize your promotion in real-time so that you maximize your performance.

Apart from that, you can also connect with your players and announce updates, marketing promotions or just greet them. You can direct your players outside the game by linking it to your blog, social media profile or any other web page.

PlayHaven also lets your reward your players with virtual currency, items and other in-game content. You can increase engagement with surprise rewards, daily incentives and spontaneous promotions without even touching your game’s code.

Cross-promotion of your game will lead to more revenue without interrupting your user experience. You can maximize your IAP revenue and increase your paying user base by promoting discounted items and exclusive content.

PlayHaven helps you to monetize your game with lucrative and highly-targeted cross-promotions. You can deliver quality game recommendations and take control of the games you promote with easy filtering.

More features such as Opt-In data collection and user segmentation will be launched soon. Although PlayHaven focuses on mobile games, developers can also contact them for non-gaming apps.

PlayHaven is a real-time marketing and monetization platform for mobile game developers. They have a reach of 36 million users driving more than 600 million monthly game sessions. It was launched in 2010.