Asus G75VW – Without Any Competition

Asus G75VW

Asus G75VW

May was really interesting for all of the laptop lovers, because we saw all the latest creations by Intel and nVidia. Finally a great gaming laptop was introduced by Asus and it is a successor of the line that they named “Republic of Gamers”. This laptop brings unseen speeds and a bunch of unique features, at a great price. All of the previous versions of this laptop had some kinks that were dealt with and it can now be called- a perfect gaming laptop.

It comes with a quad core i7-3720QM processor that runs on 2.6 GHz with 256KB L2 cash on each core. The maximal speed that it can reach when in turbo mode is 3.6 GHz, while spending maximal 45W, which is great information. Except for running on HM77 chipset, it has 16GB DDR3 memory, which I think is a bit of overkill. Except for the processor, a guarantee that all the games are going to fly on this machine will give the GPU, where Asus decided on a GeForce GTX 670M with staggering 3GB GDDR5 memory.  Even though it runs on the older Fermi architecture, it gives a great frame rate in games even when running in full HD resolution and maximum details. It has two storage bays that can be filled with a combo of an SSD drive and a regular HDD to give out great results. Or there is the option of hooking it up in RAID 0/1 for the ones that want speed or security.  There is a choice of a regular or 3D capable screen. The 3D screen comes with nVidia’s new 3D Vision 2 glasses that give out a brighter picture but are bulkier than the previous version. All of its USB ports are 3.0 and it can come with a Blu-ray recorder.

The coolant system is amazing and the overheating due to the impressive hardware is solved by implementing two exhaust holes in the back of the laptop thus preventing any overheating in the usable part of the laptop. Also except for the SonicMaster speakers in the front there is a subwoofer on the bottom side to achieve great sound. The keyboard is a Chiclet with three levels of illumination. Don’t expect great battery life because of the monster insides.

This great gaming machine can be bought starting with something over   $1.500 up to $2000.