Pair: An App For Long Distance Relationships



Pair is an app that is designed for those couples for are in a long distance relationship. It changes the way couples interact with each other even when they are apart.

It is a service that saves juggling between emails, phone calls, messaging and chat. Here, you will find features that are created to help you to be in touch with your loved one while they are away.

The app provides private sms, free messaging, sketch together, thumb kiss, sharing of location, sharing of to-do list, quick thought and more. These features allow couples to interact better with each other and also feel connected. Unlike other sources of communication such as Facebook, Twitter etc, Pair is specifically designed for couples. It has features that are designed to make couples feel together even when they are apart.

The app connects you to only one other person for the most private messaging. You can send photos, videos and text messages for free. You can also draw cute sketches of your partner in real-time or play tic-tac-toe. The app also allows you to send a ‘thinking of you’ with a single tap of a button.

A unique feature of Pair is its thumb kiss where when you match thumbprints together you get a vibrating response. You can instantly share your location with your partner and get reminders for important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can also use your shared to-do list to remind your partner to pick something up on the way home.

Pair is created by Oleg Kostour and crew and is from TenthBit Inc. They devised a way that allows couples to stay connected and together because they realized social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram does not allow that.

Pair is a service that allows you and your partner to share moments and memories no matter where you are.