is for your iOS App Marketing Needs

The ever- increasing role of smart phones in our lives means that there will also be a significant change in the number of mobile app released every year. And most naturally, people will want to know how to make apps. And that’s why knowing how to make your application come on top of App Store search results is going to become indispensable.

App SEO will be a contributing factor to make your app discoverable amongst hundreds of thousands other apps. And a start- up has developed tools to increase the probability of you being seen through the ability to test, compare and monitor such things as naming choices, keywords and ranking probabilities. It can keep track of your competitors as well.

Recently, released new tools that will appeal to mobile app developers, which will also help them achieve better ASO or App Store Optimization. Basically, ASO is a new form of SEO that will boost your ranking of your mobile app in iTunes, the Android Market, or any other app store.

It is currently leveling two utilities for ASO in iTunes, one being a keyword prediction tool that is aimed to guess the keywords used by your app’s competitor, and the second being a tool that predicts your position in the app store for a given keyword. With these, will help you stay ahead of your competitors by allowing you to trace the mentions they get, and the keywords they’re using.

That is essentially the basic premise of For only $14.95 a month, it can literally raise your chances of being seen in the app market. And you can do all these in real time which all the more increases the probability. As of now, it’s focused on Apple’s American store but will be expanding in stages.