Newvem: Know Your Cloud Better



Newvem is a service that helps you to know your cloud. It enhances cloud usage effectiveness through data analytics.

The service has a suite of tools that utilize both cloud data analysis and crowd sourcing to enable DevOps, IT managers and other cloud stakeholders to get more out of their cloud by operating efficiently, securely and have more cost-effective clouds.

We all know that getting onto the cloud has become easy, but the real challenge is using the cloud more effectively. That is where Newvem helps. Mostly, effectively using the cloud brings with it complexity can chaos. As businesses grow their clouds, it becomes harder for them to know what all is going on in their growing cloud environments. That makes it difficult for them to act on time and resolve an issue.

Newvem address another problem for cloud operators. Cloud operators feel they are working in the dark. They are overloaded with data coming from their cloud resources and spend much time and money in trying to know what is going on and what needs to be done. Newvam makes sure cloud operators know exactly what is going on so that they can act and meet their goals.

Newvem tracks and analyzes cloud resources usage, especially as they sprawl, identifying sub-optimal and vulnerable use of cloud resources regarding security, availability, utilization, cost effectiveness etc. It is after tracking and analyzing that Newvem recommends the actions you need to take.

The service combines data analytics of cloud usage data and curate crowd-sourced knowledge and expertise from active cloud users, the community and experts from each issue.

Newvem’s know your cloud analytics is very useful for businesses that need to be aware of exactly what is happening so that they can take timely action.