Viewcon USB 3.0 to SATA 3.0 Cable – Drawer without a Drawer

Viewcon USB


When there is a need of using a 3.5 inch hard drive via a USB port, we usually think of getting a special drawer for the disk that will give us the conversion of the interface, to an USB. But, these drawers are mainly big, so they don’t suffice the need of all the users and plugging in a new hard drive, usually means a bit of tinkering with a screwdriver.

So, now we are reviewing an interesting alternative to this problem. Instead of a regular hard drive drawer, on the end of a USB cable there is a console (dock), for the SATA hard drive, on which there are SATA inputs for the interface and power, a diode to indicate operation of the hard drive and also a jack for additional power, which uses the regular charger, with a switch.

The installation of the hard drive is quite simple, the console at first glance looks a bit shaky but, it holds the hard drive firm enough. The synthetic results show the expected, a maximum transfer speed of 110MB/s, which, as we know, differs in the type of disk access. It can push out about 60MB/s, in a cold approach. These are results that a standard 2.5 inch hard drive with 5400rpm, will give out. Also those are the maximum results that we can expect, from USB 3.0 hard drives, the transmission rate is still three times greater and much more reliable than in the previous USB standards, which is great.

But, the question about the usage of these kinds of devices arises. Hard drives that use a SATA interface pushed away, the ATA disks, a long time ago. As a standard, SATA provides the ability of using eSATA connector, which is there on a lot of computers and can provide much better results. The only thing that this connector provides is a better solution to the power problem of the hard drive.