Plangr: Share Your Thoughts, Plans, Memories With Friends



Plangr is a platform that allows you to organize your time and thoughts, share plans and save memories.

It tiers into social sites like Facebook to find your friends who know about your personal details to whom you can assign tasks or share plans, making your social planning experience easier.

You can easily memorize important moment in your life, and let other people and friends to share your special moments with you.

You get helpful suggestions to make your plan better and more effective. Plangr lets other people suggest plans and relive their passion for places and moments they love. This interaction is fun, and makes it fun for you and others to make your plans great.

You can easily use the one-click Likes and simple-style comments to let your friends tell you what hotels, restaurants, sight-seeing etc. you might like. Plangr allows you to auto-complete quickly. You can add places you are already considering so that friends can chime in and let you know about their experiences.

This is a great way to give a medium to your friends to suggest any kind of event such as hiking, adventure sports, movie, theatre or anything else that interests you and your friends. You can also invite your friends to come along with you. You can even plan your trip or outings together with like-minded friends.

Plangr‘s easy auto-complete tool instantly pulls up just what you are looking from the database of locations. You can also add places you have considered so that your friends can give you some important feedback.

Plangr is a wonderful tool to let others to share their thoughts and experiences with you. It helps you to discover new places, new adventures, new places and get you to experience new experiences.