Meaki: Store Web Contents in One Place



The web pages that you often visit can now be easily clipped into a visually engaging collection known as Clipset. allows you to do this. Also, with this site, you can share you own Clipsets to everyone to see or you can choose to keep it private. Usually, people use Meaki to share gift ideas, list school hot spots, plan a vacation, buy a car, and much more! Not only that, you can also find a Meaki Clipset by either using search engines like Google or yet, the Meaki search box.

Meaki is basically Pinterest for website. So if you are familiar with that site, you might find Meaki very easy to use. You may also know what to expect from this site. Basically, with Meaki, you can store your favorite web contents into one place, and have those shared with people at once. You can also discover more interesting sites by the clippings of other users.

Services like Meaki have now a wider audience because not only can you use it with leisure, but you can also have an advantage in business. For instance, if you are a designer, Meaki can make your work much easier. If so, you can show your clients your gallery of sites with possible layout that can be used when designing something. And vice versa, clients can also put a collection of galleries, and have those shared with you. Thus, both parties can know each of your preferences.

Currently, Meaki is still in beta stages but it already has thousands of clips made by users. And to be more time efficient, you can browse through clips and save any of which you like in your own clipset. “So, have fun clipping the Web, earn badges, follow other users who interest you, and be followed by users with similar interests.