Sellfy: Easily Sell & Promote Your Digital Products Online



Sellfy is a platform where anybody can sell digital products such as design templates, graphics, e-books, photos, music and so on.

Selling is very easy with Sellfy. You can start selling on your own website within a minute. You can upload your product, enter a price and embed the code and instantly start selling.

You can upload ebook, music, video, software or anything else digital and sell it with the help of social media. All it takes to get started is one minute. You can drag & drop your product file to upload, enter a price and that is it!

Moreover, Sellfy also provides you the options of offering discounts and freebies. You can offer your customers reward for sharing your product in Twitter and Facebook.

Sellfy charges the small fee of 5% for transactions. There are no upfront costs and no subscriptions. Currently, Sellfy is using PayPal for handling payments.

Sellfy stores products on secure cloud drive and delivers them to your customer after the purchase is made. You do not need to worry about the payment or the products being sent. Everything is managed by Sellfy effectively so that it stays smooth.

You can embed the code for selling your products anywhere. It is the simplest way to sell digital products.

To promote your products, you can use social networking sites such as Twitter or/and Facebook promo campaigns and attract new customers to increase your sales. Sellfy provides you the medium for selling your products, it depends on you how much you can promote and market your products. Selling also depends on the type of products you are selling. But Sellfy is an instant way to get your products out there.

Sellfy also allows you to track your sales, revenue and activity from Facebook/Twitter promo campaigns. If you have been planning to sell your products, you can try Sellfy.