Testimonial Monkey: Get Honest Customer Feedbacks Online

Testimonial Monkey

Testimonial Monkey

TestimonialMonkey.com guides user to have feedback in a more functional and practical way. It basically simplifies how companies receive testimonials from their customers by enabling them to send requests to all the people they have ever conducted transactions with. The basic idea is to have these testimonials displayed on your company’s unique URL, the one which you got upon signing up for the service. Not only that, these testimonials can also be featured on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, where the authenticity and efficiency of your reputation is truly made and maintained.

True interaction is established with TestimonialMonkey as well since companies are able to publicly respond to all the comments made and show everybody that they are always listening thus making their customers feel they are well catered.

The service principally focuses on a six point plan. The first one is the request feedback from the user’s customers. The customers can rate the products and services by means of the star rating system. Then, the testimonials are displayed on the user’s company profile page.

In a nutshell, TestimonialMonkeylets users request, obtain, and display first- hand testimonials from customers who tried the products and services. What’s more is that the service includes bulk upload requests, automated requests, and reporting features. And equally impressive is the ability to display the list of satisfied customer to solidify the trust of new customers.

Without a doubt, TestimonialMonkey is a great tool for anyone who wants to get truthful feedbacks from actual customers, and share them publicly. Thus, a user can easily build up a portfolio of testimonials to share on their websites and the like. It is basically very helpful and very easy to use.

TestimonialMonkey offers 5 membership plans to cater businesses of various sizes. These include, Lite, Essential, Professional, eCommerce, and Enterprise. However, you can test the app by its 30- Day free trial at no cost at all.