Power Knee – Bionics Is Right Behind The Corner

Power Knee

Power Knee

Enough stuff has been reviewed by us that has been only interesting for the “normal” folk, so now we want to review something that could be helpful for people in need. The thing that we wanted to review, is something that makes injured people be as close to bionics, as today’s technology can provide. Until now the only prosthetic limbs (for above knee amputees) that were on the marked, were either limbs that were fixed, or ones that couldn’t  provide a push-pull effect, so the stress was always on the persons other leg, back and ankles. Now, the power knee is the one invention that can provide a fluent and un-stressful movement, removing the pain and stress from the affected areas.

So, how does it work?

It uses a combination of gyroscopes, accelerometers a load cell and a torque sensor, all working together, helping monitor the movement and the position of the knee. Additionally, they make real time measurements, the load and forces applied to the knee, at any moment. After that, the collected data is sent to the onboard computer and inside, advanced algorithms work out the type of stride that the user is doing and they predict, with great success the next movement. This data is sent to an electromechanical actuator, that makes different responses, in accordance to the data and it can include lifting power for the limb,making it an active limb for taking the stairs, also it gives resistance for going on downhill slopes and active response on different pace speeds, when walking. All of these settings can be adjusted by the user and they are preset for every user, depending on the users height, weight etc. and also the limb is made for every user, according to the injury height(how high is the amputation).

The only problem is the cost of this bionic leg that ranks about $100.000 but, for the lucky ones this prosthetics can give them a chance of living a normal life. Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of making the ultimate bionic man.