ZenCash: Manage Your Customers Easily



ZenCash is a service that allows you to say thank you to your customers who pay you on time and automatically follow up with those who do not. That takes away the effort it takes to remind customer to pay and appreciate those who do.

Every business knows how important it is to retain customers. A simple note of thank you to the customers who care goes a long way in establishing good relations with your present good customers, leading to more sales in the future. When it comes to customer relationship management, ZenCash is one tool that can help you much.

ZenCash automates your entire receivables management process. From the moment the invoice is sent to the day you get paid. ZenCash sends out printed thank you notes, printed invoices and can even make phone calls to your customers on your behalf.

The best thing is that there are no subscription fees for using ZenCash. You only pay for what you use.

It syncs with your current invoicing application so that you do not have to enter any data manually. That saves a lot of time and effort. Once synced, it takes a few minutes to customize your timeline. It defines what you want sent and when.

When considering a service for customer relationship management, ZenCash can be a good choice. Through it, you can easily create a more personal relationship with all your customers. Freelance and small businesses can use it for effective customer management that makes such a large difference in sales and customer retention.

ZenCash has partnered with United Recovery Systems, LP. It is a leading account receivables management firm with over thirty years of experience in the ARM industry. It has been helping businesses large and small to produce positive results.

ZenCash is passionate about cash flow and helps you to improve yours. Through it, you can take advantage of service that is typically available only to Fortune 500 companies. In a sentence, it help you achieve more.