Vodafone Smart Tab 10 – Honeycomb For Cheap Change

Vodafone Smart Tab

Vodafone Smart Tab

Even though it is marked as Smart Tab 10, the new tablet that is offered by Vodafone is a rebranded product made by ZTE.

Smart Tab 10 looks a lot like its Tegra 2 competitor, made by Samsung. It is also dressed in black; it has curved lines but, a bit worse final finish with noticeable bending (if you squeeze the unit firmly) and a rubber coating, on its back side. Maybe this tablet cannot stand in line with the top competitors but, it doesn’t feel cheap in any way.

Its interior is quite interesting, because we haven’t seen a Honeycomb tablet with a Qualcomm processor. The processor is a new generation Snapdragon, now it comes in a dual core edition, with speed of 1.2 GHz. There is also a graphic chip, marked as Adeno 220. This CPU/GPU duet doesn’t have any problems handling 3D games or reproducing Full HD video.The user has at his disposal 16GB memory and a microSD slot, if that is not enough. Except for the Wi-Fi 802.11n standard, there is a HSDPA modem.

The TFT screen with maximum resolution of 1280×800 pixels is an average quality screen, with bad color saturation and intensive background light penetration. Also, the view angles are not perfect, but this is expected. No need to despair because the quality of the image is still better than a lot of the cheap eastern Android 2.x tablets that were in stock but, it is still behind the big players. The camera of 5 MP can capture a Full HD video and make solid pictures by day but, not at night. Its battery is a 6860 mAh that is enough for an intensive 7 hours’ work, which is quite good.

Even though it works on Honeycomb, its hardware can keep up with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich but, no one knows if there is going to be an official upgrade.