RevoltecAlu-line EX 205 and EX 303, Alu-Guard RS047 and RS053 – Friend In Need

Alu Guard

Alu Guard

The surplus of disks that you have picked up following the natural disasters, which crippled their production and raised their prices, can be a good thing. External storages are not the main deal in most cases, because of their simplicity but, due to circumstances they can prove to be a good addition of the system, while providing additional mobility. We are reviewing four examples made by Revoltec that are made for 2.5 and 3.5 inch hard drives.

Alu-line is obviously a basic line, of external storage devices, from this German maker. It is a basic “Box”, made out of brushed aluminum, while the parts are made out of good quality plastic. Alu-line EX 205 is made for 2.5 inch disks; it connects to a computer via a USB cable and with it comes a little screwdriver. It is a simple box and its price, of about $20, is in line, with what’s being provided. A bit more serious model is Alu-line EX 303, which is made for a 3.5 inch drive. It shares the same design but, it has a USB 3.0 connector. The transfer speeds are faster of course, but, the price is greater as well and it ranks about $40.

For the bit more picky users, there is the more advanced series, Alu Guard. The whole casing is made out of metal and the aesthetics, is a bit different, in comparison to the other models. The side lining is made in a wave pattern, while the hard drive is inserted, withits removal. AluGuard has the ability of using USB 2.0, or eSATA, standard. The casings have their own power. The RS047 has its own power but, the RS053, has two USB connectors, one of which, is for power.

Because these are the more serious solutions, the prices are more serious, as well. The 2.5 inch solution has a price of $40 and the 3.5 a price of about $60 that makes it, as expensive, as a hard drive, putting its usability and price, in a question mark.