Sony Ericson Neo V- The Younger Brother

Sony Ericson Neo V

Sony Ericson Neo V

In the medium category of Android phones the competition has never been so strong. Almost every day you can see another phone model with an ideal price to performances relation. From the other hand in the category of three “Heads” there are not a lot of solutions that would make you drop your jaw to the ground.

Sony Ericsson Neo V is one of the ones that would make you drool; a reduced variant of the model Xperia Neo, which has lower specs than its older brother in the terms of- reduced camera from 8MP to 5MP and a microSD card with a lower capacity of 2GB, all packed in a neat, curved package. The screen is a 3.7 inch, high resolution screen (480×854) and it has more than good characteristics. The ratio of 16:9 is more than good when using the phone to play a HD 720p video (the screen is filled up to the last pixel). The only inconvenient thing is that you cannot turn of the function of the automatic lighting adjustment, which can be a bother sometimes and also the big reflection of the protective layer makes it a bit unusable in very bright conditions and makes it shiny as a mirror.  It holds a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor that works on 1 GHz and a graphic subunit Adreno 205 that promises really good results in high demanding games and applications.

The camera sensor of 5 megapixels, the support of a 720p video, the automatic focus and the strong LED flash and also the two degree button for the camera make all the conditions for a very good photo/video projects.

All in all, Xperia Neo V is a very good phone with a great price tag, one of few that is going to have an ICS upgrade this spring.