Samsung i9001 Galaxy S Plus- Speed Above All

Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S Plus

With more than thirty million sold samples in 2011, Galaxy S is one of the most popular phones in Samsung’s portfolio. The model that made Apples’ representatives scratch the board and lose their fingernails has been revised and updated so it will be up to date and cope and even exceed the competition. This updated model comes with a pimped processor that now runs on 1.4 GHz.

Galaxy S Plus except for the faster processor now has a battery with additional 150 mAh, which should satisfy the increased needs of the phone (and it does that well). All the other characteristics are the same like in its bigger brother; the casing is made with high quality plastic, which absorbs prints better than a police print ink, at the same time it is smooth and light, while the screen that is protected with Gorilla Glass protection layer makes it scratch free. The Super AMOLED screen gives out a crystal clear picture with ideal contrast, beautiful color saturation and resolution of 480×800 dpi. The camera is of an average quality, though it can pull out a 720p video and pictures that are pretty good in the daylight.

In the normal usage Galaxy S is not that faster than its predecessor though the arithmetic tests show much better results. The normal operations, like web search, reproduction of a 720p video and Angry Birds, work like clockwork. The only room for upgrade is the poor choice of already old version of the user interface- TouchWizz- its fourth revision is left for the newer models like Galaxy S2 and Galaxy W.

The differences between the plain and the pumped up Galaxy are not much, but if you get to choose between the two of them this one is the better choice.

G.n Parida
G.n Parida

Wow this is capable of capturing videos at 720p!! Thanks for sharing the information.