Cause: Support Your Case By Placing A Ribbon On Your Site



Cause is a great platform to let other know what Cause you support. It is about generating awareness and sharing your views with the world through the simple medium of putting ribbons on your website about your cause.

We believe in many things, but do not have the medium to share them with the world. You might have strong feelings about protecting the environment, protecting children from human trafficking, raising awareness about breast cancer and so on. Mostly, we share our thoughts once in a while with a few people, and that is it.

Cause provides us with a simple and effective way to let our website visitors know about our support for various causes.

On the Cause site, you can find various categories such as human rights, animals, environment, health, positive, social, justice, food and nutrition, and holidays. You can choose any of the categories and you will find various ribbons on causes depending on which category you chose.

You can, with the click of the mouse, get the code for a ribbon that you can paste on any page of your website and let your website visitors know that you support the cause.

Cause provides you with information on some of the most attention deserving causes such as save the oceans, fight breast cancer, human trafficking and so on. The site aims in bringing equality and justice to the world. It defies stereotyping because anything different from what is, is generally seen as threatening and arouses suspicion and violence.

Cause is a great site that any activist or a believer in justice and freedom and use to spread the word about the causes they support.