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Ubi-Camera – Innovative Approach Of Taking Pictures



How many times have you tried to see how the picture is going to look like, using your fingers to make a rectangle?

The institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in japan has made a prototype camera that uses this approach to take pictures. They made a prototype camera which is still in development that has no viewfinder and no display screen; instead it uses the rectangle that you will make with your fingers to frame the picture. It also doesn’t have any zoom buttons and uses the distance between the operator and the camera to zoom in or out. If the distance between the operator and the camera is small or it is in front of the Continue reading

Jogabo: Find Football Players Around You, Connect, Share & Play



Jogabo is a platform for football lovers. It is easy and social and fun. On Jogabo, you can find out who the local players are in your city so that you can meet new people to play football with.

The service also allows you to discover local games for you to join. If you have no games to plan and do not know many people around, you can take the help of Jogabo to join existing games and play when you want to, wherever you are.

Jogabo has made it simple for you to play games. Anyone can start a game. You can share all game information online so that everyone participating is up-to-date about the latest developments. You can also use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to seamlessly share info with your friends and contacts. Continue reading

WordSteps: Enrich Your Vocabulary, Learn New Foreign Words



WordSteps is the newest and the easiest way to learn new foreign words. With the help of WordSteps, you can learn words using your computer, phone or mobile device. That means no matter where you are, you can always learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

This service is for all those who would love languages and would like to learn new words of any language. It also helps you to learn effectively. You can take reading, writing, listening and visual exercises whenever you have time.

WordSteps also helps you to remember what you have learnt. Its built-in algorithm is created to help you remember the words forever and recall them instantly. Continue reading

Newvem: Know Your Cloud Better



Newvem is a service that helps you to know your cloud. It enhances cloud usage effectiveness through data analytics.

The service has a suite of tools that utilize both cloud data analysis and crowd sourcing to enable DevOps, IT managers and other cloud stakeholders to get more out of their cloud by operating efficiently, securely and have more cost-effective clouds.

We all know that getting onto the cloud has become easy, but the real challenge is using the cloud more effectively. That is where Newvem helps. Continue reading

GeelyMcCar – A Bold “Last Mile” Concept



As the years pass the world population grows older and the cities grow denser, there is the issue of city congestion, so a lot of cities have cut of the traffic in the main center squares and main roadways. They are also introducing high taxes for the cars that are going to be used in those parts. So, recently, there has been a boom in concepts for vehicles that are named “last mile”, concepts based on two or three wheel drive, mainly based on electricity. This boom was first introduced by Segway with their two wheel electric transport vehicle. On this scene now comes the Chinese company Geely, which has introduced a lot of design concepts in the last years. Continue reading

TubePlayer: Uninterrupted Listening Of YouTube Songs



TubePlayer is a jQuery Plugin that implements YouTube Player API. It allows you to curate videos from the artists you love.

When you want to avoid clicking on a new video every time you are on YouTube and want to listen to a new song, try TubePlayer. It allows you to listen to the music videos of your choice without any clicking.

All you need to do to listen to uninterrupted music on TubePlayer is to enter the artist’s name in the search bar, sit back and watch the show. TubePlayer uses social signals to pick up videos that appear on your playlist when you choose an artist’s name. Continue reading

Txtroo: Yelp for Feature Phones


Txtroo is an app suited for businesses as it enables them to share their reviews with potential customers. What’s most innovative about this service is that it is designed to work on feature phones via SMS. Data shows that feature phones ( basic phones that are intended for sending and receiving SMS and calls) outnumbers smart phones in the US. So, having an app focused on this feature is a huge advantage to most people. is basically like Yelp, but only aimed at the feature phone market. Corresponding to Yelp, Txtroo can also deliver user review and other local business information to both web and smart phone users. It does it as the same way Yelp did, only with SMS. Continue reading

VentUtter: Social Network Without Restrictions



VentUtter is a social network with a difference. On it, you can, as its name suggest, vent out your emotions without any inhibitions or restrictions.

The social network allows you to connect with others and expand your network fast. You can view profiles of other people and add new friends. You can also share your photos and videos. Create your own group or join others on VentUtter. These are some of the features that are there in almost every social network. But VentUtter is different from other in that it allows you to post almost anything. There are no restrictions.

Members of VentUtter have the freedom to post and share anything. Continue reading

Focal Nomad Spirit One Headphones – The Spirit Of The Sleek Nomad

Focal Nomad Spirit One Headphones

Focal Nomad Headphones

The French company Focal- JMlab put a two year effort in a design that will bring the famous Focal sound quality that the customers know from the speakers in a pair of circumaural or full-sized headphones. Plus, the ultra sleek design and nice finish make them very comfortable and they fit perfectly.

Focal makes a revamp of the idea of a “nomad” as we know it.

The headband has evenly exerted pressure, the materials on the earpieces are chosen to be very soft, especially the foam. The most important characteristic is the weight of the product- or the “featherweight” as they say. This makes them one of the lightest on the market nowadays. Continue reading

Stypi: Freedom To Write, Share Documents With Multiple Users



Stypi is a real-time editor that allows multiple users to make changes to a single document at the same time. It is so simple to use Stypi that anybody can do it. All you need is to share the URL of your document with others and start collaborating on the document.

That is excellent for anybody who requires collaboration in writing and editing. This editor supports programming languages that you can access by clicking on a button.

There are many benefits of creating an account on Stypi. You can easily track and organize all the documents you create with a Stypi filetree. You can also customize the link you use to share and access advanced privacy features. Continue reading