Plizy: Helps Discover, Watch & Share Amazing Videos Effortlessly



Plizy is a service that allows you to sit back and enjoy and videos from the web on your iPad.

You start by programming custom channels with your favourite videos and let your friends help you to discover new content. Because your friends have similar tastes as you, you get plenty of videos that you can watch and discuss with them.

Plizy makes you want to be lazy. You do not need to search for content and yet get to watch spectacular videos. You can use a channel to watch a selection of Plizy-curated videos too. This iPad application curates and personalizes web video selections using a patent-pending recommendation engine. It monitors your Twitter and Facebook accounts to adapt itself to your tastes and preferences.

The app makes it simple to discover new videos. So, whether you are relaxing at home, taking a break from work or being with your family, Plizy allows you to watch great videos without wasting any time on researching and browsing.

The interface of Plizy allows you to easy select the video you want to watch. It gives a three-screen experience. The homepage has all your video channels, the video play and a communication screen is for sharing and discussing the watched videos with your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Navigating on Plizy is smooth and effortless. You can swipe through videos by using the bottom navigation or using the rewind and fast-forward buttons. It is simple to use and is very effective.

The app uses brains to find out what you really like and which friends of yours and recommend videos that you will like. It studies your interactions to find out which friends of yours are close to you and which aren’t. It also analyses your preferences and tastes to provide you with the best videos for you.

Plizy changes the way you discover and share videos. It makes video watching a more personalized and social experience. Plizy is based in the Financial District of San Francisco.