Google Project Glass- Google’s glimpse of tomorrow

Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass

Google as always is trying to take over every market they can, but their tries are always rewarded with great response from the public. This is not because Google is a god like company but it is because their ideas are often good for the public and more important they are free. They are now starting a new adventure, trying to implement the newest technologies in a project that is called Project Glass and it is supposed to revolutionize how we use technology in our everyday life. Google started this project and its promotion just recently through their Google Plus community but, it has gain a great hype and started to spread all around the globe, gaining positive feedback from everywhere.

The project is settled around a pair of augmented reality glasses that are supposed to eliminate the need of a mobile device, hand held device or any computer like device in our everyday life.They say that they are trying to find a way of using this kind of technology to help everyone to explore and share their world, putting them back in the moment.  It was firstly started by a trio of Google’s research department and they say that they wanted to make something that –“will be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t”.

The Google goggles are still a concept to be made but, Google has the concept already in hand and they made even a promotional video of how they will help you in the normal every day life. It is supposed to be a glasses frame with a small transparent screen that will turn on, on your request with full word recognition software which will be an input for the commands. Also there is a camera on the frame so that you can capture and share your experiences.

There is a lot more imagined there, just imagine everything that you have in a modern portable computer packed in a thin glasses frame. This is the concept that may one day revolutionize our existence.