WhileWairport: Get Real-Time Information On Airports, Flights, People



WhileWairport offers you services to make the most of the time waiting at the airport. It provides you with real-time information from airports and airlines, schedules and boarding gates information, comments and recommendations from users and travellers who are at the airport.

This wonderful service provides you with important information that helps you to manage your trips and meet people who share your interests. With WhileWairport, you will never feel lost or loose your way while at the airport. It makes the entire experience of air travel a joy.

Because you might not be able to access to a computer while at the airport, WhileWairport is available on your mobile for free. Through it you can manage and administer the waiting time between flight and flight in order to find and share ideas with like-minded people so that they can easily find you.

With WhileWairport with you, you can use long waits at the airport to create a network that allows you to share your interests, exchange your knowledge and find colleagues or do business.

You simply need to sign in to WhileWairport and register your flight. You can check who will be there at the same time, which ones share your interest or business areas or who are going to be there in the next days, months. You can plan your daily schedule and get in touch with people that appeal to your interests.

To find people, you have to indicate where you are. That will allow people to help you. Also, you will see the people who are there or will soon be.

You can also publish your location in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. so that you meet even more people. This is a very helpful tool for anybody and everybody. It keeps you connected and informed.