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Jabra Drive

Jabra Drive

Using the phone while driving is not just illegal, but at the same time it is very dangerous, because it distracts the driver and disables the driver’s ability to use both hands. Some unofficial reports say that if you are using the phone while driving, you will have for times bigger chance to be in a car accident than normal. That’s why there are different types of hands free devices that will allow you to talk on the phone while driving, lowering this chance of making accidents. The phone conversation will still take away your attention, but at least your hands will be free. Some people for using the phone use headphones which you clip on the ear, while others link the radio to the phone. This device is in the category of speakerphones. Actually it is a Bluetooth device with a speaker and a microphone, which is and upgrade of the phone, enabling you to use it without using your hands.

Jabra drive is a simple device that is put on the sun visor over the drivers head and it only has three buttons. The first two are for lowering and turning up the intensity of the speaker and the third one is used for accepting and rejecting calls, redialing etc. The connection to the phone is made via Bluetooth and it is quite simple, once it is set there are no more settings necessary. When you enter in your vehicle it will turn on automatically (if the Bluetooth on the phone is turned on) and after you exit the vehicle it will automatically turn off. You can live it on with no worries, because the battery can hold up to 30 days, after which you can charge it via USB cable or the cars lighter. This device can have a streaming of a GPS navigation unit’s sound, as well as listening to music from the phone and it can lock on to two phones at the same time. The sound is clear and loud enough but a bit shallow.

All in all Jabra made a great device for a small price of $40. It is great for anyone that doesn’t mind other people hearing their conversation.