Fundly: Helps Make Online Fund raising Effortless



Fundly is a social fundraising platform for non-profits, charities, clubs, politics, teams, schools, churches etc. where they can quickly raise funds online from family, friends, colleagues and supporters.

It is very easy to raise money through Fundly. You can use email, Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs etc. to inform people about your project. The Fundly online fundraising software is currently being used by small and big businesses around the world. They provide easy fundraising tools, a donor management system, online donation system, customer support and more.

Fundly makes fundraising simple. Their team of fundraising consultants, engineers and marketers are fully committed to raising funds online. They provide excellent support for those who are confused about how to raise money online.

This is a complete site for all fundraising programs. No wonder it has gone on to rapidly becoming one of the largest social fundraising platforms in the United States. Organizations have raised over $230 million using Fundly‘s social fundraising programs.

Fundly has been designed to empower anyone, absolutely anyone, with a cause to get into the market and raise money online easily and comfortably. It makes it easy for you to promote your event on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in minutes. There is no IT setup, no configuration and no waiting. Non-techies can easily promote their events online through Fundly.

Apart from that, Fundly empowers supporters to reach out to their friends through email and social networking. They also support volunteer fundraising with incentives and accountability. They turn donor into advocates and fundraisers.

This social fundraising platform is a very useful service for anybody who wishes to add some funds for their cause. It uses the strength of social media and provide essential tools to volunteers and fundraisers to spread the message and help to make the world a better place.