Samsung Galaxy S III- Rumor-Pre-look (Specifications leak)

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung had some big leaps these two years. After incorporating Android operating system in their phones they made some bold moves with their phone design that provoked a lot of interest pushing them in the top three sellers. After the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy note (their three best sellers), they have been on the run to make their new best seller. Samsung Galaxy S III is a phone that stirred a lot of dust, with the specifications that were rumored, that, it will have and the overall design and measurements. After a lot of hoax pictures and reviews on the net about the overall design of the phone, we came upon one that looks like it is going to be the real thing.

According to a video leaked from a tester of the phone, it is supposed to have the following specifications- A quad-core Exynos processor that will work on 1.4GHz, supplemented by  MALI 400MP GPU made by Samsung and 1GB RAM. The screen is a SUPER AMOLED 4.6 inch with HD resolution of 1184×720 pixels workable area, because in Ice Cream Sandwich, the hardware keys are replaced with on-screen keys and that takes out some pixels from the original 1280×720 pixels. It has an 8 MP camera with a led flash. Among the other connection standards like Bluetooth 3.0, it will have NFC (Near Field Communication) that is becoming a standard in the high end phones.

It will work on fourth version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) with a touch of Samsung styling, that is represented by TouchWiz. The rumor is that it is going to have a dual boot and you will have the option of booting ICS in the original form, or in Samsung’s TouchWiz environment.  All of this is supported by a relatively big battery of 2050 mAh, that we hope is going to be enough, for at least a whole day of intense usage.

Remember this is not verified. This text is written on rumors and unverified data. For the final outlook and specifications you will have to wait for the official release date that is supposed to be on 3rd of May.