DecisionDesk: Get Digital Auditions And Screenings



Decision Desk simplifies the process of decision making. This is the next level of applicant track and screening technology.

With Decision Desk, you get to do digital auditions and screenings. You can upload HD video, review more efficiently, eliminate clutter and save time.

Decision Desk knows that the audition process is a pain. It is time-consuming and do not get results as quickly as one wants. Decision Deskk looks to change that with easy upload of audition where applicants can upload all application and audition materials.

Sorting through DVD and stacks of paper is obsolete because it is has its hassles. You no longer need to stick to the old methods because now there are tools such as Decision Desk to make your work easier.

Using Decision Desk costs your organization less time and money. It also allows you to zero in on the talent effectively. With Decision Desk you can upload audition, review information with faculty and colleagues, and decide. You can filter application data to make a well-informed and educated decision.

The team of Decision Desk is committed to provide the latest innovative solutions and best support. Decision Desk collaborates with clients and creates powerful, easy-to-use applications that are aimed to make your life easier.

With Decision Desk you can digitize any paper processes and replicate any processes that you use in your application process. Applicants can upload as much HD video, audio, images and documents they need to build their portfolio.

For more information on what all you can achieve with Decision Desk, you can visit their corporate website and try it for yourself.