UsualWords: Get Social About Your Life’s Experiences



UsualWords is a platform where you can share your life’s experiences with those you love, browse through experiences of interest, and follow friends and like-minded people.

This is the fun place where you can categorize your life experiences as goals, thoughts, memories and so on. This will help you in accessing the kind of experiences you want to anytime easily. On UsualWords, you can preserve your whole life, access it whenever you want and from anywhere you want.

UsualWords is not limited to your present life and what you did today. It is about your past, present and your future. You can map or timeline your life’s experiences to a date on which you had the experience. That provides you a good way to organize your experiences. It also allows you to check out the experiences for a year or a particular month easily.

As you can attach keywords to each life experiences, you can easily search and share to let your readers know to which areas of life you tag those experiences. You can share it with your friends, family or anyone on the network.

UsualWords makes your life experiences interactive by providing statistics and trends for the user as well as the community. Your trends and statistics tell you which part of your life another person is sharing and which parts of your life people relate to the most.

You can follow others whom you would like to be friends with. As UsualWords is all about sharing experiences and thoughts, you already have a level of intimacy with other people whose thoughts you know.

UsualWords has many other features that allow you to have a comfortable, intimate and easy experiences of this platform. This place is all about remembering, sharing and connecting, but unlike social networking it is not about everything, it is about you and other people, and their experiences.