Logitech Cube – From Mouse To A Presenter

Logitech Cube

Logitech Cube

Logitech has always made innovations in the external media accessories field. Now they have presented a new little mouse for professionals, travelers and minimalistic enthusiasts. This little device is called Logitech Cube and it is a mouse as well as presentation navigator.

The device itself features quite small dimensions; it is as big as a standard AA battery and it has a rectangular matchstick box, kind of look. Its small dimensions contribute to the fact that is quite portable, giving it a sense of an ultimate travel mouse.

The Logitech Cube is designed to act as a standard mouse when it is on a surface with all the basic buttons that a standard mouse would have. It has a left mouse button represented in the front of the device and a right mouse button on the middle of the device. You can even use a scroll if you slide your finger on the top of the surface. The special feature is that if you lift the little box in the air it becomes a presenter, giving you the ability to scroll through different slides or pictures, by using its buttons. Another brilliant feature is that when you flip it while in air and click the button it will reverse the slides or pictures. When you put it back on the ground it will assume the previous function of a mouse. This makes it the perfect presenter or mouse gadget.

It features an optical sensor that is good enough for standard usage. Inside it has a battery that they say will last for 20 days and on the back of the device there is a microUSB charger slot and a power switch.

The overall look of Logitech Cube is quite new and refreshing and its price is $70. So if you are a hardcore traveler or professional this gadget will be of great use to you.