Hyperink: Get Your Writing Published



Hyperink is your opening to getting published. A writer can get his/her work published through Hyperink without all the hassles and disappointments of going through traditional publishers.

Hyperink was started because the team believed that too much knowledge is trapped in people’s heads that is inaccessible to the world. Their mission is to unlock and share that knowledge by working directly with domain experts to publish beautiful and high-quality ebooks.

Getting a book published is a difficult job and Hyperink felt it needs to go through a lot of change. It needs to be faster, more personalized and more democratic.

Most of their books are listed on sale on Amazon in print format. For new books, they slowly release free content over time to give new readers and customers a chance to read through important parts of the book and decide whether they would like to purchase it or not. They release a fixed amount of free content, occasionally a few free chapters.

If you have a story to tell, Hyperink is the platform that can help you with that. They pair writers with a professional journalist who generates the content and co-authors the book under the writer’s consultation. They can talk over Skype, email or call each other and work together on research and the writing.

Some writers do not like to co-author, so Hyperink provides you with guidance on content, editing, publishing, cover design and marketing.

Hyperink allows you to explore the world of self-publishing and traditional publishing. If you are a busy professional who does not have time to go through the hassles of self-publishing, you can contact Hyperink.

This is a wonderful new platform for writers, or anybody who has a story to tell, and turn it into a published book.