Adlesse: Dispose of Those Annoying Ads



Now there’s a sure- fire way to get rid of those irritating ads from cropping up when you’re online. Adlesse is a kind of service that innovates your web browsing experience. First off, it disposes ads and helps you to customize every webpage you visit with actually useful contents. It transforms that ad space to good use with functional widgets.

So instead of those annoying ads with no intentional purpose, you can use the reclaimed space to stay updated of your friends’ latest tweet as well Facebook. You can also google and get more results for your queries from Wikipedia, Bing, and Twitter in place of Google ads.

In short, Adlesse is an add- on that automatically distinguishes web ads and replaces them with information boxes of your preference. As of the moment, you can substitute these ads with a variety of info boxes which include weather conditions and forecast for your region, local news headlines. Your region is automatically detected by Adlesse . Not only that, you can also add interesting facts, famous quotes, and a Twitter feed for your followers’ latest tweets.

Here are more interesting features of Adlesse:

  • All widgets are fully customizable which means that you can modify widgets by the type of their content.
  • It has a neat design. All widgets fit nicely into any banner area.
  • Replace useless banners to a more useful social media.
  • A wide selection of widget is at your disposal.

And what’s more interesting is that it’s totally free! You simply have to install the extention and Adlesse will work for you perfectly. Currently, this service is available for Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. And add- on versions for other browsers are already in the works so you can use Adlesse in your favorite browser.

Adlesse team
Adlesse team

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