optimalKeyword: Reach Your Target Audience



optimalKeyword is a tool for knowing what topics resonate with your audience. It helps you to discover new keywords and new targeted audience using real social data.

With optimalKeyword, you can design the perfect ad for audiences that will be interested in your products and services. This audience expansion and research tool is powered by SocialPredict. SocialPredict helps you to build better keyword targets based on Facebook social media data, and tells you more about the brands, interests and passions that connect us.

Optim.al is the Facebook ad buying platform built by the same team who built optimalKeyword. The creators of optimalKeyword have offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto and London.

You can see the results for your keywords for any combination. You get any searchable term. For paid searches, you will see all data and the unduplicated reach, gender split and suggested Facebook CPC range across all 100 terms. You can copy these results into your advertising tool of your choice.

You can create an account on optimalKeyword and run unlimited queries for free! You will see three of 100 possible results per query and all the aggregate reach figures until you buy a package of credits. Credits will stay good for up to 12 months.

On optimalKeyword, you can do advanced queries too. They offer overlay demographic, geographic, income and other data on top of the base SocialPredict data that powers optimalKeyword.com.

All data provided by optimalKeyword is based upon actual Facebook user liking and interest behaviour for U.S.-based users. This data is very powerful because it is updated regularly and reflects the U.S. reach and gender breakdown for each topic or precise interest target.

With optimalKeyword, you can target audiences and drastically increase your sales. Marketing too needs to be personalized in the digital age and optimalKeyword helps you to do exactly that.