FullContact: Keep Your Contacts Safe And Updated



FullContact provides you identity resolution for all the disparate pieces of contact information on the web. In short, they keep your contact information current.

How important is your contact list? That is the question FullContact took up and brought an answer to. For anybody who wants to keep their contact lists up-to-date and safe, need FullContact. And I guess that is everybody.

The service keeps you contacts safe and up-to-date by aggregating billions of contact records with various attributes such as quality, frequency and freshness. Their patent pending algorithms processes all data and automatically produces clean and accurate full contact records. They check each data element to make sure it is publicly available before providing it to their customers.

FullContact automatically pulls your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites. Its bi-directional sync keeps your iPhone address book safe, secure and up-to-date.

Some of the things FullContact does for you is that it enriches contacts with social data. It enhances your contacts using rich social profiles from the web and other public sources. It also backs up and restores your contacts to keep them safe and secure.

With FullContact, you keep your contact information current by automatically notifying you when new contact information is available. That means less effort and much time saved.

FullContact also allows you to restore any contact from any point in time. With FullContact, you will never lose an important detail again.

It works inside Mircrosoft Outlook and enhances your Outlook contacts using rich social profiles from the web and other public sources.

You can also send your contact from your iPhone and export it to your FullContact for backup. You can use its iOS to view and restore your previous contacts book. Now, it is easy to keep your contacts list safe and secure.


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