Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse – Innovation at its finest

Thermaltake Level

Thermaltake Level

BMW along with Thermaltake have worked before on some projects, and now they show that they mean business with their new innovative creation. Thermaltake has been making innovative cases and coolant systems and now yet again they demonstrated to the video-games community that they really mean business with the launch of the brand new Level 10 M Computer mouse. This particula all new game mouse, is in fact a collaborative effort that brings together the very best of Thermaltake’s experience with excellent BMW artistry in design and style. The item characteristics implement a lot of ground breaking ideas, never seen before, merged in a simple mouse.

The most outstanding characteristic is not the lightweight aluminum chassis, neither the air-flow design that will always keep gamers hands cool as well as dry, even within the most extreme of situations. It’s not even the implemented amazing 8200 DPI sensor. What’s remarkable is actuality is that the top as well as bottom half are actually two separate and unique parts that give the mouse the capability for ideal height and angle personalization. This definitely is a much better way of modifying the mouse when compared with the Cyborg RAT7, which was still far ahead of time with its ground-braking concept. Included also are relatively above average capabilities such as five on-board key configuration profiles, along with eleven programmable keys. Thermaltake might just be capable to do for the actual computer mouse just what they did for the PC case industry through their Level 10, along with Level 10GT cases.

The Level 10M mouse is going to be on the market in Diamond Black,Military Green and Iron White. What is not identified at the moment are the prices and availability, however we assume it will be priced equivalent to numerous high performance game mice.