Limitedpix: Buy, Sell, Discover Great Digital Art



Limitedpix is an art community for photography and digital art integrating a pricing platform.

Through it, you can bring art to your walls. You can discover and buy great art on Limitedpix. There is a digital gallery and art photography gallery that allows you to view hundreds of great art. All prints on Limitedpix has great printing quality. Payments are secure and you receive the prints within 15 days. Prices on Limitedpix are determined by popularity.

Limitedpix was founded in 2011. It aims to gather all talented artists whether they are professional or amateur. Users and artists can exchange comments, exhibit, and buy and sell artwork.

You can be a part of the community on Limitedpix for free. There are no charges for accessing great artwork. For artists, Limitedpix allows you to sell your work in Europe as fine prints mounted on aluminium disband or framed prints for small formats. The popularity of each artwork id determined through an algorithm that calculates the price of an artwork.

Prices can fluctuate according to the popularity of the artwork. This is the best way to determine prices that are neither too high nor too low.

Limitedpix allows you to discover hidden talents and amazing artworks. You can promote an artwork by liking it, commenting on it, sharing it with your friends or buying it.

The platform has been founded by Julian and Jeremy, two young French who are passionate about the Internet and digital art. Limitedpix is an open community for artists and art lovers where they can interact, exchange ideas, exhibit great art, buy and sell artwork and promote art. As soon as an artwork is uploded on the site, users can view and comment on it. As soon as an artwork receives feedback, a price is determined for it based on its popularity.

Anybody can open an account on Limitedpix for free. It is a great place for buyers of art and sellers of art.