Social Marketing & Promotion For Small Businesses is an app that is designed specially for brands and marketing managers. Through it, you can guide your business through social network.

Online presence of a business is a must nowadays because more and more consumers are using the Internet to access, inform and communicate with companies and their favourite brands. For a big company, investment is not a problem, but a smaller business needs to keep many things in mind. Catering specially for small businesses who want to have a social identity is

The service allows you to track social buzz about your company on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a single interface. It has all that a small business needs to get started on their social presence.

Businesses can add their Facebook and Twitter links and finds all tweets, comments and conversations connected to their business on a single page. You can also track conversations via the search facility. For example, if a customer living in Hong Kong is complaining about a product of yours, you can instantly know about it and take appropriate action. You can also keep an account of how your marketing and promotional methods are working on social networks through user interactions.

On, users can choose the related widgets and use them. The best thing is that you do not require any technical skills to be able to use It is a simple and intuitive app with the drag and drop features and is really easy to use. has a dashboard that allows you to know about all the social activity about your business. After signing up for an account, you can get help in customer relationship management, marketing, promotion, brand building and publicity.

It is simple yet powerful tool for small businesses that can give them an edge over those who haven’t still gone online.