Filmlounge: Watch Great Movies For Free



Filmlounge is a movie downloads website where you can watch movies online for as little as £1.99.

If you want to avoid the mainstream Hollywood movies and watch something different, movies that have made a difference in people’s lives, you have come to the right place. Filmlounge has thousands of movies that are neatly organized into genres such as horror, comedy, classic, family, martial arts, thrillers, war, adult and more.

If you are a movie buff and spend hours looking around the web for the perfect movie, Filmlounge will make your searching easy. On it, you can easily search for the movie you have been looking for and watch it instantly. If you love Filmlounge, you can register on the site.

Filmlounge has a well reviewed library that is made up from niche and independent titles focusing on many specialist genres. It is simple to use and sophisticated. You can watch all the movies listed on Filmlounge online live or download for PS3, PSP, iPhone, iPad, MAC or PC. They will be providing high definition streams for mobile soon. All movies are high definition films.

When you register for membership to the Film Lounge, you are entitled to watch any one of the Filmlounge‘s selected movies for free. Their silver membership is also free. That entitles you to watch loads of more movies for free. To become a Silver member, you need to gain 15 credits or more. You can check out their website for more details on that.

There is more candy. Every Tuesday night, Filmlounge screens a great movie for all its members to watch for free. It is called Film Night and it is going to be special.

All it takes you to use Filmlounge is to have an Internet connection. You can download movies, watch movies for free and treat yourself on Friday nights to some of the spectacular movies. It is an exciting site for movie buffs.