Findings: Share Highlights from Ebook in a More Spontaneous Way


Findings came about with turning ebook reading into a unique social experience as its goal. This recent service allows you to share the best parts of a book you’re currently reading to your friends or even with people who you’re not acquainted with, but are using the service. is a brand- new means for discussing, sharing, or collecting clips you discover on Amazon Kindle or from other sites on the internet. With this service, you are able to disclose the highlights of ebooks or any other online texts for that matter. The point is quite simple: If the text is available on the internet, then you can quote it anytime. All you need to do is to import the highlight with and you can instantly discuss or share it with others. And on top of that, this service is completely free of charge.

In a nutshell, it lets you organize, capture, and even find and share the clips straight from the web or your Kindle. Just sign up and immediately start using the Findings bookmarklet from the bookmark bar of your browser.

With the bookmarklet, you are able to save or share it with others straight away. You can also sync Finding by means of your Amazon Kindle Highlights. That allows you to disclose and discourse about your compilation of saved passages in a more spontaneous way.

However, at this moment, Findlings only support Amazon Kindle since other ebook platforms do not give access to your own highlights and annotations from 3rd party devices. Nevertheless, Findings plans to support other platform so that it will become more extensive.

Even so, the designers of have in their mind the goal to make “social commonplace book.” And it is safe to say, with the rate that the site is going, it is already fulfilling to its aims. With its insight and with its free registration, there is nothing that can stop the pace of its success.