Brancam: Content Manager For Website Designers



Brancam is a content manager that is designed specially for designers. It is a web application that facilitates the maintenance of a website without any technical expertise.

It helps you to change text, photos, create new websites and organize the navigation of a website without needing any programming skills. It also allows you to decide on the appearance of a website and Brancam will adapt to it.

The tool adapts easily to designs, relieves you of the more onerous technical tasks, respects the style guide you have defined, is distributed as white-label and enables your clients to maintain your websites.

You do not need to limit your creatitivity. You can lay out your website design and convert it to HTML (or Brancam can convert it to HTML for you). You can also enter magic tags. Magic tags are tags that serve to load dynamic contents such as the title of a page, the navigation, the breadcrumb/trail etc.

Through Brancam, you can generate a zip and upload it. Once you have the layout, you simply need to compress it to a zip file and upload it to Brancam. Brancam is a hosted content manager conceived especially for visual designers so that you find all the tools you need to manage your work.

Brancam helps you in simplifying the creation of templates. You do not need a programmer to create Brancam templates; you only need to know HTML and CSS.

The service makes sure that your new websites are faithful to your original design idea.

Brancam has the advantage of easily adapting to your design and being multi-lingual. It allows you to mange a website in different languages. You can even re-sell Brancam using your corporate image.

For designers, Brancam is a useful tool for managing their content so that they can concentrate on their designing work.