Razer Fiona Concept- Evolution of Pad gaming



Every gamer knows Razer as a company that makes sublime gaming accessories, with a lot of new concepts and most important of all, they care about the public, so they design using the public’s feedback. At this stage they are preparing a new concept of gaming on the go, something that is an evolution of gaming and it is not a gaming console in the classical sense, but it is a tablet capable of everything that a normal tablet is capable of and a lot more. To add to this, they are designing it with your support as a consumer, listening to feedback and upgrading upon that.

The concept is one of the most amazing pieces of hardware so far. From the outside it looks as a normal tablet with one, or should I say two extra features. It has two game controllers from the sides with two analog sticks and in total twelve buttons, to give you total freedom in gaming. The console also has a force feedback capability, to complete the whole gaming experience. In addition to the controllers you can also use the multi-touch 10.1 inch screen, the built in accelerometers, three-access gyroscope and the magnetometer.

All of this will be accompanied with the new third generation sandy bridge “Intel® Core™ i7” that will give you the opportunity to play any PC game with full detail, right out of the box. The pad also has outstanding “Dolby® 7.1 surround sound” port and excellent speakers like in no other tablet. For connection options there is the Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth® 3.0, USB port and card reader. It will work on Windows 8 hybrid platform, which will make it compatible with all the up-to-date software. In addition, you will be able to continue playing a game that you have been playing on your home PC, by just synchronizing it and just continuing to play on the go.

To finish off, this amazing tech toy will be available at the end of 2012, with a price of about $1000. Sorry gamers you will have to wait a bit.