Voxini: Consolidate Your Official Social Network Profiles into One Place



With the advent of social media platforms, it is a great transformation on how we keep up with each other. However, with these numerous ways to get your word out, we get confused even annoyed to constantly update different profiles at the same time. It takes up our time and effort to keep our Facebook profiles updated, to inform our followers on Twitter, and to announce everything on your blog. And this cycle will continue as new social networks popularize and develop.

But, a new application by the name of Voxini will help you with this burgeoning problem.  Voxini  consolidates all your official identity on the web and have them all presented in a centralized location in a fast and powerful manner.

So for instance, if you are a user of  Voxini , you are able to quickly create a mobile landing page which allows you to connect to all your different social profiles on the web. This page will then be shared to all your customers. So by simply checking on their own profiles on social networks, they will be able to know your new products as well as the promotions you tweeted about, or listed on your fan page.

It is a rather simple process for such a useful application. Without a doubt, a service like  Voxini  is so practical that it actually makes everything much more manageable and easier without having to hire people to handle all of your different social accounts. Taking this into account, you can now focus on offering your clients the best deals and services.

The best part of this is that the service is completely free. To get started, you can sign up for an account in  Voxini .com and see how everything works in practice. Currently, Voxini is still in beta nevertheless, there is a great and rapidly growing group of users.