ViewBug: Photographers Can Share, Buy, Explore & Learn



If you are interested in photography, you will love ViewBug. This is a community for artistic and creative photographers.

Apart from displaying some the best photographs, ViewBug also provides you photo contests online and meet like-minded photographers that enjoy sharing and viewing original photography.

This site is a complete one-stop platform for photography lovers. On ViewBug, you can explore, shop and enter into photo contests. For a beginning photographer, this is a wonderful opportunity to see spectacular photos, get perspective, talk to fellow photographers, share their works, and buy great photographs.

According to ViewBug, it is a place for a person who is in love with photography. The platform provides you with exclusive and engaging photo contests and provides a hassle-free solution to sell your photos.

Even professional photographers have much to gain from being on ViewBug. On it, you can move into a community of photography professionals, meet other professional artists, share your works and give each other tips. This is a channel to show your photographs in a beautiful way.

ViewBug is totally secure. You can choose from your default or upload your own to add extra protection to your photos. Your photos belong to you and you decide whether you want to make them public or not. ViewBug backs up all your photos to Amazon S3, the most reliable backup service online. You can also request back up to your photos anytime.

With ViewBug, you need not worry about your photos being stolen. ViewBug provides every photograph with righ-click and drag protection so that nobody is able to copy it. Moreover, they never display the original full-size uploaded image.

You can upload photos to your community at ViewBug, win a contest, get published and sell a photo. You retain the rights of your photos. This platform is a must-try for both amateur photographs and professional photographers.