Microsoft touch mouse- Bringing multi touch technology at your fingertips

Microsoft touch mouse

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft has been working to bring multi-touch technology closer to regular pc users and the products of their experimentation have been presented lately through their line of multi-touch mice, which hit the market this year. Leading the innovative design is their Microsoft touch mouse.

Microsoft touch mouse implements new ways of controlling the Microsoft Windows7 surrounding through the multi touch controls. Even though it is only Windows7 compatible, it is a response to Apple and their multi touch Magic Mouse. The features that it holds are compensating to the lack of compatibility with other operating systems, but that stands only for its multi touch features, in any other operating system it will react like a normal mouse.

Half of the surface of the mouse is covered with touch sensors, but it still has mechanical buttons that work as at any other mouse. It is a wireless mouse which incorporates Microsoft’s Blue track technology and with it in can work on almost any surface excluding mirrored surfaces or clear glass. The connection with the computer is made by a micro USB dongle and the mouse itself uses normal AA batteries. The mouse is recognized by Windows right away but to use the advanced options that the mouse has you have to install additional drivers from their web page.

The mouse supports finger gestures that are going to help with the whole Windows experience. It has special functions for one, two and three finger gestures. The gestures are not hard to learn, they are very helpful and big time savers in the Windows environment, if done right.

The Microsoft touch mouse is a great mouse for people who are working in the Windows7 environment, which are eager to shorten their navigation time and also for people which aren’t bothered to give $80 for this commodity.


I dont think so. The special features are made just for win7


Is there any converter so that i can use it by windows XP?