Trippy: Get Your Friends To Give Your Trip Suggestions



Trippy is a place where you can share your travel ideas with your friends.

On this site, you can let your friends suggest you tips on how to travel better. Here, travelling is a collaborative process rather than a solo activity. You know that it is always better to get more minds so that you get more ideas. That way, you can know more exiting place to visit, what to look for when you visit a place, which restaurants are a must visit and what you can shop for.Trippy helps you get the best experience from your travels by getting your friends together to suggest you stuff.

Trippy has ties into social networking sites such as Facebook where you can find your friends who know about where you are travelling to. These are the people who know your preferences and your tastes. It makes good sense to get their opinion instead of the opinion of strangers.

With Trippy, you get helpful suggestions to make your trip great and your friends get to relive their favourite travel experiences and share their passion and joys for the places they have been to. And because they know you, they will be happy to share their experiences with you.

Trippy is also available on the mobile apart from, of course, the web. Your friends can send you a link to their trip plan through Facebook, Twitter, email or anywhere they post their custom link. You can connect to Trippy through Facebook, but you don’t have to be Facebook friends for them to help. You can see any of your Facebook friends who have trip plans started on Trippy.

The next time you plan a trip; don’t forget to use Trippy to allow your friends to give you suggestions that will help you to have a better experience. You can also help others on Trippy and give them suggestions to how to improve their trip. For travel buffs, Trippy is the place to be.