Totem: Create Your Press Page



By and large, press pages are rather disappointing. That is, if they exist at all which if they do, mostly consist of a blunt list of coverage to-date or a disarray place of poorly- updated information.

But Totem is here to straighten the glitch. Totem is a free press page builder for startups, small and medium- sized business, and agencies. It is a web app wholly aimed at helping you create an attractive and intensive press pages. It basically helps any company to have a positive first impression with the press, analysts and influencers.

The app’s mission is to ensure exceptionality on press pages to every website for every company around the world. Since the press, analysts and influencers are your foremost and earliest audience, you need to treat them accordingly as they deserve better.

So essentially, Totem is right for anyone who needs an easy way to build and maintain a press page. Totem prides itself with beautiful, simple, and up- to- date information about any company or organization.

It will greatly benefit both businesses and agencies. Businesses can build press pages instantly with less time spent on updating and keeping the page fresh and up- to- date. And it also cuts the middle man which means they don’t need to hire developers or designers. The agencies on the other hand advances with Totem by having better pitches with easy access to collateral minus the attachments. They can showcase your work beautifully and just be more strategic for that matter.

You can start building your press page for free with these features at hand:

  • Unlimited beautiful press pages with all the features press are looking for
  • Ability to invite team members or clients to collaborate and contribute
  • Free hosting for your press page at
  • Recent press widget to show off your coverage on any page on your site
  • Recent blog post and press release widget to keep readers informed
  • “As Featured In” scrolling widget for your homepage

But if you decide to avail its priced version, you get additional features which include:

  • Custom colors/background image
  • Custom URL
  • Totem Branding removed