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Toshiba Excite13 inch Tablet- Necessity or overreach

Toshiba Excite13

Toshiba Tablet

Toshiba is going to renew their tablet collection with some brand new models. It has introduced in CES and again in Mobile World Congress their tablets. They got some bad remarks about being a bit chunky and having a bad battery life but, all of that is fixed now, and they even got a new aluminum back. The selection of tablets will fall upon 3 types or sizes of tablets. In their offer they have a 7, 10 inch and even a 13 inch tablet. Yes you are seeing right, there will be a 13 inch one. A lot of reviewers are asking if there is going to be a market for a tablet this big. But Toshiba is convinced that it will find its way in the kitchen. Continue reading Easy, Smart & Cheap Cloud Phone System For Businesses is business telephony as a web service. It provides startups and small businesses with cloud phone services that are easy, smart, analyzable and low-cost.

The service is aimed to provide businesses with an excellent business telephony system in reduced costs. If you own a small business, will mean much less costs and better communication. provides its users at a fraction of the cost by running everything on the cloud. As this service is targeted towards businesses and not individuals, it is similar to Google Voice yet is different from it. Continue reading

Sourcemap: Map the Origin of Products



Sourcemap is a crowd- sourced tool that enables you to know the origin of products. It’s a service fit for those who are environmentally aware and wants to remain green. It is aimed to become the definite open directory of supply chains and environmental footprints by showing customers what products are made of, and all the places they go through until they reach the shelves in stores.

All the information is both supplied by consumers and organizations alike. A site like Sourcemap is definitely a service that all responsible companies will feel attracted to, since they have nothing to hide. It also highlights the effort they make to show everyone that their products are of high quality. Currently, there are hundreds of maps that have already been created for clothing, furniture, electronics, food, and more. Continue reading

Tillify: Your Web based Cash Register



Tillify is cash register software on the web, minus all the fuss. It is a cloud connected services which means access on sales report and management of inventory from any device is possible.

Designed with the latest web technology, Tillify enables to do what you need out of the box as it grows effortlessly as your business flourish. With Tillify, servers, software, installation, cables or file back-up are unnecessary.  Those high expense associated with pos installation is eliminated.

Undoubtedly, Tillify uses the best data- centers and server technology available and makes enterprise level security, scalabilty, reliability, and service to your business at a price you can afford. Continue reading

Prestigio Multipad PmP3384B – Squared Prestigio


Prestigio Multipad

A man can discuss about the quality of Prestigio devices but, not about their persistence to supply an alternative for everything that the competition has to offer. From their first tablets, till now they have served on the market eight different models. Now we are reviewing one more model representing the Multipad family. The ones that are following the development of the tablets have surely heard about Efun Next 3, a tablet that an year ago was very popular in America because of its design that was very similar to Apples iPad but at a very reasonable price. Its younger brother is Multipad PMP3384B and the one that we are reviewing is his successor. Continue reading

SnapNest: See Live Streaming Photos As They Are Taken



SnapNest is a photo discovery app for Twitter where you can see live streaming photos as they are taken.

It offers you geo-location so that you can easily find photos that are taken nearby. The app works brilliantly for festivals, conferences and concerts. All images on SnapNest are of high quality. They can be zoomed and panned to see all the details.

On SnapNest, you can save and share the photos you find. You can share them with your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. SnapNest is available on App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The best part is that the app is entirely free! Continue reading

CallGrader: Grade Your Phone Calls


CallGrader helps any small businesses keep track of their offline conversations while delivering real time data that guides them in making signification marketing decisions. The service presents all small- scale businesses a free account with the choice of adding more numbers for a very little price. Basically, it aims to become the largest aggregrator of offline conversation data.

The basic premise that lies beneath CallGrader is to up customer engagement in call tracking by ditching the nonessential features of a conventional call tracking services and just basically focus on a simpler way of grading each call disposition. Continue reading

Share Your Past On Scrapsity With Friends



Scrapsity is a place where you can share your favorite memories with friends. It is a place to reminisce and share.

Every one of us talks about the good old days especially with friends because they are of the same age. Scrapsity is a place where you can easily, without leaving your home, talk to your friends about, well, the good old days, the days when there were no computers, no Internet, when the songs came in cassettes and you waited for school holidays like crazy. On Scrapsity, you can reminisce all day, every day. Continue reading

Google Project Glass- Google’s glimpse of tomorrow

Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass

Google as always is trying to take over every market they can, but their tries are always rewarded with great response from the public. This is not because Google is a god like company but it is because their ideas are often good for the public and more important they are free. They are now starting a new adventure, trying to implement the newest technologies in a project that is called Project Glass and it is supposed to revolutionize how we use technology in our everyday life. Google started this project and its promotion just recently through their Google Plus community but, it has gain a great hype and started to spread all around the globe, gaining positive feedback from everywhere. Continue reading

Pinweel: Instant Group Photo Sharing



Pinweel is a new photo- sharing application that allows you to create collaborative albums with your group of friends. With this app, you can share any pictures you’ve taken right then and there. Basically, Pinweel makes it much easier for people who were at the same even to capture the moments as they are happening.

Say for example you attended a great party. You can create an album related to the event and invite everyone who was there even if you are not friends on Facebook. You can also contribute pictures to the same album and everyone can see the uploader in a glance. In fact, the photographer’s profile picture is displayed at the bottom corner of every photo. Continue reading