XO-3 – Doesn’t every child deserve a tablet?



Oh the children. They are our dreams, our hopes and they cannot prosper in these circumstances if they don’t have a laptop. Even the ones in Africa that cannot even have a roof over their heads are thinking of laptops. Well some one thought that every child needs a laptop, no matter where they live and what conditions they are in. I approve, but please first give them something to eat. With that of my chest, let’s continue.

The foundation One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), has been making low budget laptops for some time now, but with low success of making it cheaper than $100. So far they have supplied over 1.5 million laptops in over 25 countries and they are in 25 languages.

Marvell and OLPC work together to create the actual XO-3, with production date set in 2012. It should be a tablet PC that is specially made for children, with extreme durability.

Created by Yves Behar’s Fuse-project, the actual XO-3′s new style features a plastic tablet 8 inch screen that is semi-flexible and extremely durable, and such as the initial XO, the actual display could be optimized both in transmissive as well as reflective modes, with regard to indoor and outside lighting circumstances. The actual XO-3 supports numerous use scenarios to meet kids’ studying needs: from horizontal book setting, to a portrait reading mode and also multi-touch (so many fingers can play together and learn on a single screen),to the full-touch keyboard along with a back digital camera.

It looks like it is going to be quite chubby, but firm. Inside it will have an Armada PXA618 processor and 0.5GB RAM. It has a silicone cover, to protect it from bumps and scratches and inside the cover there is a solar panel, supplying it power in conditions where power is a problem. It will also have a hand crank, which will allow with 60 seconds of turning, 10 minutes of usage.

This tablet won’t be in regular stores. It will be only available through charities or educational organizations.